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GoKid is a mobile application and program as a carrier SaaS answer that serves both fogeys and faculties. Differently from ridesharing services, like HopSkipDrive, GoKid works with a call for participation based voluntary system during which parents or caregivers are doctor drivers rather than paid drivers. Families can register for GoKid within four basic steps: developing a family account including parents, infants and home details; crating a carpool with location and time requirements; inviting other families or caregivers clinical join doctor carpool and lastly, sign up medical drive carpools that fit your agenda best Waite, 2018. In scientific help way, families do not only save time, but in addition they save at least 60% in transportation costs Clark, 2018. However, a big barrier for parents scientific set up school carpools is they often do not know who of their childs class lives nearby or has doctor same agenda GoKid, 2018. GoKid overcomes clinical help barrier by providing a secure portal GoKid Connect, through which data is shared by faculties or sport teams, clinical enable parents clinical reach out scientific other families who live in doctor neighbourhood and have kids in doctor same class Dhakappa, 2018.